Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Royal Flush

Chances are if you have ever had a "chance" encounter with Amy Morrow, you know that I blush 99.9% of the time.  I have friends come up to me unexpectedly in Wal-Mart and I blush head-to-toe!   Sometimes, it's a friend I see on a daily basis...I still blush...head to toe...constantly.  It's just my nature...  I see a cute guy at the bank, I blush....A friend who comes to visit me at the bank...I flush a royal red...Why is this?!  Whenever I am passionate about something, whether it be a great article or book I have read, I try to tell someone about it...I blush...

I would make a terrible poker player.  I would have a great hand, but everyone around me would see the flush on my face.  I will never have that poker face, that I believe everyone has except me.  I'm writing this evening because I want to get to the bottom of this!

I asked my friend Kim one day at the bank, "How do you NOT blush??"  She replied, "You just think of something either really funny or mean about the person and that usually stops it for me." Well...I tried that...still doesn't work.  I even gone to the extreme of Googling, "blushing" to see how to prevent it and I read such extreme answers like I may have a skin disease?!  Another answer is that my blood capillaries are too close to the skin, so when I get that "rush" of excitement when seeing a person, my blood sort of boils, thus blushing occurs.  Still, another site claims that it may all be psychological, that maybe my subconscious thinks of a childhood embarrassment and thus triggers the blush.  

My friends just say it's a "charming" part of who I am.  I am so glad to see someone I know that my happiness manifests itself in my tomato state of being.  I find it absolutely mortifying in some cases.  Did I blush in every single job interview I've ever had?!  More importantly, did I blush on every single first date I've ever had?!  I should invest in some black turtlenecks, that way I could at least cover up the blush.  But then, I just solved my problem.  I'm trying too hard to cover things up, and not just going with the flow and accepting myself...royal flush and all.

So, next time you flag me down at Target, or have a passionate conversation about a topic with me, just accept that I will initially be enflamed for most of the conversation.  Take my bodily enthusiasm as a compliment to you!  HAHA!

That's all for now!  :)


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